18 June 2012

Something to Love in Kyrgyzstan a Day: The Milk People

When we lived here the first time, the ayran man would come around every day with his car full of dairy products, calling "Ayran!  Smetana!  Mo-lo-ko!"  I always loved that sound. 

Then when we were in Tokmok, I bought milk from our neighbor.  Lots of people in Tokmok keep a cow in their backyard and sold the milk.  You'd see signs advertising the milk on lots of gates around town.

This time around in Bishkek there are people selling fresh milk in plastic bottles most mornings.  There's always a few people around the bazaar, but you can find people in other places too.  I sort of miss the ayran man though.

But I love being able to buy fresh milk here.  I miss that so much in the US.


  1. you might be able to find fresh milk where you are moving.

  2. I always check this website when we move to a new place: http://realmilk.com/where.html. But even if you don't find someone on the list, you can ask around. I just googled "(our town) raw milk" and found a little goat farm 15 minutes away. We go every week to pick up our milk (and to pet the baby goats).