28 June 2012

Something to Love a Day in Kyrgyzstan: Uyghur Culture

In addition to learning more about Dungans while we were in Tokmok, we also learned a lot more about Uyghurs.  I wrote a post about Uyghurs in Kyrgyzstan about a year ago near the time we left Tokmok and since then we've met a lot of Uyghurs in the second group I wrote about- people who came here in the last 50ish years.  We live near the Uyghur quarter where many of them initially lived and our taxi drivers have often been Uyghur. 

I didn't see much evidence of Uyghurs in Osh except for all the Uyghur restaurants around.  Unfortunately I wasn't with a group who thought trying one of those places was the way to go.  Uyghur food is the best.

I still think someone could do an amazing dissertation here by interviewing Uyghurs who left China in the 50s and 60s.

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