09 June 2012

So I suppose I came up with a few more good reasons to move to the US.  Here's the current list:

  • No ice, either because people can shovel, or because ice doesn't stay for months
  • Clothes shopping
  • Clean water
  • Building codes (I won't miss the wiring in this apartment)
  • Mangoes, asparagus, avocados (I think you can get some of these here at times, but imported produce is rarely a good idea in Kyrgyzstan)

There are, of course, many other things I like about living in the US, but I'm an American wherever I go.  It's very different living here as an expat than a local.

The list of things where I get something good in the US, but lose a similar good thing here is a lot longer:

  • Cheese- I love the Gollandski cheese here, although the US has a definite edge because there is a much wider variety of cheese available there.  But the US can't win this one because fresh, raw milk is so much cheaper here for making my own cheese.
  • Friends- We'll see old friends and family in the US and meet new friends in our new state, but there are so many people we'll miss here.
  • Grocery shopping- It's easy to shop in the US, but so much more fun to shop here.  And the local produce here is so much better and so much cheaper than the US, but the US does non-local produce better and cheaper (see the mangoes above)
  • Bread- I can't tell you how delighted I am to eat homemade whole wheat bread again.  We searched for whole wheat flour here, but short of bringing a grinder along, it's not really possible despite everyone telling us it existed.  I did use something that was like atta flour, and that was way better than plain old white, but it wasn't whole wheat.  But I'll miss the naan.  How could I not?
There's not time to work on this anymore, so I'll come back to it later.

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