07 June 2012

Scrap Metal

C's recent post (she's doing all kinds of interesting photos in Johannesburg right now- check them out) on scrap metal reminded me I've been meaning to write a similar post about Kyrgyzstan.  Scrap metal has come up several times recently. 

We have the same problem as C with the manhole covers disappearing which makes walking at night a little risky. A week or two ago there was a protest in Kazakhstan when a child died after falling into a manhole because the cover was missing.  Sometimes people put a tree branch in the holes which makes you feel at least a little safer.

And a couple of weeks ago another statue was stolen (that's a great Kyrgyzstan site- check out his list of museums in particular).  It's not a very well-known one, although my husband and I had stumbled on it a few days earlier and used it in an orienteering course.  I have a photo but it's on the other hard drive.

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