28 May 2012

Strawberry Season

I love to be in Kyrgyzstan in the spring and summer and watch the local produce come into season.  For me, it starts with the jusay in mid-spring, and then the green garlic, and for the last two weeks there have been people all over Bishkek selling their strawberries.  Fresh, local, organic, and perfectly delicious strawberries.

 The cucumbers are dropping in price and soon there will be local, and raspberries too.  There are apricots and cherries from Osh, the peppers and tomatoes are finally starting to go back to prices that might be considered reasonable (although they'll drop a lot more), and later there will be eggplant again.  I hope the local eggplant appears before we leave, although it's not certain.

I'll be ready to eat cabbage again in the fall, but for now, I delighted that I don't have to eat it for a few months.

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