24 May 2012

Seductions of Rice

This is still my favorite rice book ever.  It's organized by region instead of type of food, which I like.  Again, no page numbers and this is just what I've tried.  Starred recipes are special favorites.

I don't use the Japan section much because I've never really gotten hooked on Japanese food.  Since Hot Sour Salty Sweet came out, I've hardly used the Thai section.  And the India section is surpassed by Mangoes and Curry Leaves.  That doesn't mean I don't love this book.  I just don't turn to it quite as often as I did at first.

This book was my introduction to the world of plovs, pilaus, and all the rest. 

Plain Rice
Chinese Black Rice
Basic Rice Congee
Chicken Stock
Vegetarian Stock
Hot Chile Paste
Cucumber Sesame Salad
Spicy Greens Salad
Everyday Sprouts
Summer Stir-fry
Quick and Easy Chinese Greens
Spicy Simmered Tofu
Tofu with Tomatoes and Coriander
Snow Peas with a Hint of Pork
Egg Fried Rice
Sweet Rice and Pork Dumplings

Thai Jasmine Rice
Thai Sticky Rice
Thai Black Stick Rice
Thai Red Rice
Fish Sauce with Hot Chiles
Tangy Lime Sauce
Hot and Sweet Dipping Sauce
Red Chicken Curry
Red Curry Paste
Classic Thai Fried Rice

Intensely Green Spinach with Sesame Seeds

Basmati Rice
Bhutanese Red Rice
Fresh Carrot Chutney
Gita's Dal
Simple Dal
Spicy Cabbage

Central Asia and Iran
Special Everyday Persian Rice
Everyday Persian Rice
Spring Pilaf with Fresh Greens*
Golden Chicken Kebabs
Oasis Salad
Yogurt Salad

Simple Turkish Pilaf
Turkish Yogurt Sauce
Aromatic Rice and Fish with Two Sauces*
Basic Risotto

Senegalese Plain Rice

North America
Plain Long-grain Rice
Plain Cuban Rice
Cuban Black Beans*
Mexican Red Rice*
Mexican Green Rice*

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