25 May 2012


This book is different from Alford and Duguid's other books because it's not so much about travelling, although there are plenty of international recipes.  Again, the starred recipes are much favorites and this is just a list of what I've tried. Nothing has bombed.

This is the hardest book for me to use in Kyrgyzstan.  It will be nice to use it again soon.  (Trying to think of good things about moving from here.)

Sweet Pies, Tarts, and Pastries
Simplest Apple Pie
Treacle Tart
Quick Pastry*
Free-form Fruit Galette*
Sweet Tart Pastry
Classic Farmhouse Pastry
Butter Tarts
Country Apple Pie in a Potato Crust*
Dried Apple Compote*
Dried Apricot Compote*
Kazakh Dried Fruit Pastries*

Savory Tarts and Pies
Onion Pletzel and Potato Pletzel*
Easy Cheese and Bean Rounds
Hearty White Bean Pie
Golden Mixed-greens Pie

Festive Breads
Almond Milk Bread

Family Breads
Robin's Bread
Tender Potato Bread
Large-batch Whole Wheat Pan Loaves
Cornbread with Cracklings

Artisian-Style Loaves
Dom's Large-batch Italian Boules and Foccacia
Portuguese Mountain Rye*
Country Baguettes*
Pugliese Sponge Breads
Salt-Raised Bread

Rolls, Bagels, and Sweet Buns
Beirut Tahini Swirls*

Skillet Breads and Pancakes (I'm sure I've made more of these)
Welsh Cakes*
Cathead Skillet Biscuits
Russian Apple Pancakes*
My Grandmother's Crepes*

Flatbreads and Crackers
Snowshoe Breads
Silk Road Non
Sweet Farsi Tandoor Breads

New Year's Pear Cake*
Naomi's Any-day Skillet Cake*
Brazilian Bolo
Uzbek Layered Walnut Confection (this isn't the best version of paxlama, in my opinion)
Breton Butter Cake

Persian Cardamom Cookies


  1. I cannot believe (obviously purely an expression, I DO believe) the number of dishes you have on your regular repertoire!
    Most people cook a dozen things often and other things once or twice in their life time.

  2. Cooking is the one creative thing I can count on being able to do anywhere. So that's what it is for me.