05 May 2012

Everything is Broken

I know relatively little about Burma and this book was very interesting to read.  The author has spent quite a bit of time in Burma writing anonymously and was able to go into Burma just after Nargis hit in 2008.  She's not a politician or a journalist or a diplomat or an aid worker- just a writer who obviously cares about Burma and the people there. 

There are three sections in the book.  The first talks about her visit in May of 2008, after the storm hit but before Burma had let in much humanitarian aid. The second has a bit about the history of Burma, although it's certainly not long or detailed.  I'd call it just enough to get you started.  The last section, which I thought was best even though it was very short, was from the month the author spent traveling around the delta, talking to survivors of the storm.

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