19 April 2012

Locked In

There's always something to deal with wherever you live in Kyrgyzstan.  In Tokmok it was usually the water, or at least that was the biggest nuisance (still love turning the water on to do the dishes).  The two problems in our current apartment are the wiring and the doorknobs.

We've worked out the wiring (as long as the whole thing doesn't go up in flames- literally), and I thought the doorknobs were under control, but one of the boys locked himself in one of the rooms today.  Fortunately it wasn't the littlest one because there literally was nothing I could do from my side- no hinges, no key (it was locked in the room), no nothing on my side, except all the tools.  So the stuck son leaned out the window and I leaned out my window and threw pliers (for the hinges, but they were stuck), a pocketknife (for the screwdriver and other tools), and finally, a coat hanger (which was successful).

The problem was that the knob thing wasn't working- it didn't turn the part that sticks into the wall, so the door remained closed.  It wasn't technically locked, it just was completely non-functioning.  But we got him out more quickly than the time my husband locked himself and the littlest one in a different room, and when someone else locked themselves into the kitchen.  I think the people on the street wondered why we were throwing hangers and pliers out the windows.

It's also fortunate that everyone thought the whole thing was pretty funny. 

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