17 April 2012

Hearing Russian, Hearing Kyrgyz

Ever since we moved to Bishkek last fall, I've noticed that I hear so much more Kyrgyz on the street than I did in 2005/6.  Of course, I live in a different part of town than I did then, and Kyrgyz would be more expected here, but even when I'm in other parts of the city, I hear Kyrgyz all the time.

It's gotten to the point where I realized today that I am getting more listening practice with Kyrgyz/Uzbek/Uyghur than with Russian.  Of course everyone speaks Russian to me, and I speak back in Russian, but if I'm not involved in the conversation or if my husband is speaking with someone, it's Kyrgyz/Uzbek/Uyghur.  I can't really say much in any of those languages but I understand quite a bit, probably similar to what I can do with Spanish.

I have lots of theories why Kyrgyz would be more common here today, but whatever the reason, I do like hearing it when I go out.

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  1. Are you going to share your theories?