03 April 2012

Ginger and Ganesh

I browsed into this one at the library and was both intrigued and cautious at the same time about its subtitle: Adventures in Indian Cooking, Culture, and Love.  Unfortunately, the love part of the title took way too much space and I barely made it through the book.

There's a great idea behind the book- the author posted an Craigslist offering to pay people to teach her to cook Indian food. She goes to a variety of homes of women from around India, learning great recipes and meeting good people.  I haven't been able to try any since I can barely manage to find what I need for the Indian recipes I already cook, but I'd be interested in checking this out again later for the recipes.  These aren't just your standard Indian cookbook recipes (although there are plenty of standards).

The cooking part was probably a little less than half the book and the rest was the author lecturing about spirituality, guarding the hearth (really), wishing she weren't divorced but telling us she doesn't want to be married, and agonizing about her current relationship.  If she can cook as well as she can agonize, then these recipes should be amazing.

This would have been a much better article than book, although there are way too many recipes here for a magazine article.  I imagine if Eat, Pray, Love is your thing that you might love this one.

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