02 April 2012

Destination a Day: Xinjiang

Next on the list has to be Xinjiang.  I'd live anywhere in the province given a chance, but would probably rather not live in Urumqi just because it's so huge.  But Urumqi would still do nicely.

I have been to Xinjiang, but I only spent two nights there between flights and saw just a little of Urumqi.  After Uzbekistan, it's definitely next on my list.




  1. I lived in Xinjiang for a semester, and it is WONDERFUL! I'm sure some of the wonders are similar to those of other countries in Central Asia.... but still. I haven't been to the other two places, but Turpan is really cool.

  2. So cool, Chelsea. We're having a hard time figuring out a good way to live there. And it probably doesn't help that my husband speaks Uyghur.

    What I really want to do is go all over western China by train and bike. The rest of the family thinks that's a bit much, so maybe I'll do it by myself someday.