01 April 2012

Destination a Day: Uzbekistan

It looks like we'll be back in the US in the fall which is okay, as long as I don't have to stay there forever, which is defined as more than 3 years.  Last month the photos were mostly about Kyrgyzstan and life here, but this month is going to be about places I want to go, especially places I want to live.  I was reading elsewhere that it's supposed to take 5 years for you to really settle into a new place and I guess that could be true.  But I like our system of moving often and sort of being perpetual tourists, but tourists who get to stay in a new place for a year or so.  And if I have 30 days' worth of places yet to live, I think I'd better not plan on 5 years anywhere

So, of course the first day is going to be about Uzbekistan.  I've lived next to Uzbekistan for more than two years and have yet to set foot in it, and I don't think that'll change before we leave, but we'll get there someday to fulfill the mission of this blog.  Not really about that last part.  I just liked the line from the poem.

First is Bukhara.  Even though Samarqand's in the title, I'm at least as interested in going to Bukara.

Here's the Registan in Samarqand.  For the record, I spell is Samarqand because I learned Arabic before I learned Russian or Uzbek.

And here's Khiva.  I wouldn't want to live here quite so much, since it's a little out of the way, but I'd take anything in Uzbekistan.  Here's the source for this photo.

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  1. Gorgeous! Intriguing! So exotic! I really want to go there so very badly. And not just to go there but to live there too. Would be so fun, I think.