10 April 2012

Destination a Day: Toronto

I've wanted to live in Toronto for years now, but I've never even been able to visit.  There's so much to see there, and it has a subway and an interesting, but the best thing is that Toronto has the second-highest percentage of foreign-born resident among world cities and is therefore one of the most diverse cities in the world. The city's 911 service can respond to calls in 150 languages.  I want to cook dinner there- I can only imagine the range of ingredients I could find.


  1. Wow, 150 languages? What a fascinating place. I'd love to go grocery shopping there too.

  2. I served an LDS mission there. It really is full of people from everywhere. I would love to live there too. It's not only beautiful but interesting too. Lots to do and lots to learn.

  3. Typically the city is mildly split into areas with people of different background. But it is not obvious at first sight and it can make figuring out where you should go to find what you want a bit challenging but on the other hand this is what keep the city more interesting. I used to live in the Polish neighborhood but unless you lived there there was no way to know that it was the Polish neighborhood, in fact you could happily live there and never really see that it was Polish if you were paying attention. Apart for some areas which where well known like China-town, Little Italy or the Greek area things aren't obvious and I never really found out how you could figure it out before hand.
    I also loved the street cars and the great library network.
    Here is a trivia about the Toronto Library system: When I was living there the person with the largest late-return fee at the Toronto Library was Margaret Atwood.

  4. That's a great story about Margaret Atwood.

    The more I learn about Toronto, the more I think it's one place I could stay in for a long time.