08 April 2012

Destination a Day: Kyrgyzstan, or, Happy Easter!

This post is about Easter and Kyrgyzstan, which might seem odd, but today it doesn't.

I love Kyrgyzstan in the spring when you can get out of the city or village you live in and watch the world changing.  Even in Bishkek there are forsythias and blossoms and daffodils, and soon there will be tulips.  The floating row covers are out in the fields so there will be local jusay soon and the fields are getting plowed for all sorts of delicious things.  Today was perfect with rain and sun and a beautiful sunset and even a rainbow, which reminded me of the Turkic words for rainbow.

We were out of the city because we went to church on base again- I guess we're becoming the type that just goes to church on Christmas and Easter.  As before, it was a lovely day, and a nice chance to be able to talk to a few other Mormons.  It's such an interesting experience to go on base for so many different reasons, but for now I'll just enjoy that we were able to go to church for a few minutes.

We didn't have time today to go to the Orthodox Church in town where it's Palm Sunday, but when we drove by their service was ending.  Nice memories.

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