10 April 2012


I finally remembered to write down the price for the utilities for the month before we had to give the paid bills to the landlord.  Most of these prices are about the same through the year, but the hot water includes the heat for the apartment, so it's much lower in the summer.  The summer electric bill would be higher with the A/C running too, of course.  Also, since our apartment used to be two separate apartments, the electric bill comes in two parts.  The lower number has the kitchen and one bedroom (fans, lights, stove, and fridge) and the higher one has all the electronic stuff like the computers and the TV.  The stove is the only place we use gas. All the prices have been changed to dollars.

Cold water- $3.25
Electric- $0.70
Electric- $2.95 ($3.65 total)
Gas- $3.25
Trash- $0.67
Hot water- $32

Can't complain when all the utilities come in at less than $45/month in the middle of a cold winter.

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