01 March 2012

Photo a Day

Since I don't seem to ever post photos anymore, I was poking around looking for some kind of photo-a-day challenge, but most of the blogs that came up were blocked so I couldn't find a good list.  I'd like something a little international and a little about food, so I made my own list that fits Kyrgyzstan a little.

 My camera is less-than-stellar, but it's better than no camera at all (hopefully). And I picked an easy one for today so I'll at least get one day done.

1 Across the street
2 Weather
3 Birds
4 Dinner
5 Red
6 Cars
7 Sun
8 International Women's Day
9 Breakfast
10 Vegetable
11 Snow
12 Blue
13 Mountains
14 Gates
15 School
16 Smooth
17 Plov
18 Green
19 Public transportation
20 Bazaar
21 Nooruz
22 Rough
23 Signs
24 Bone games
25 Sports
26 Yellow
27 Laghman
28 Concrete
29 Spring
30 Walking
31 Mud

1 comment:

  1. Yay! This is going to be fun to see how close the picture in my head is to where you really are.