07 March 2012

Photo a Day, March 7

I was really good today and remembered the camera, but when I took it out to take a picture, there was no memory card.  So what I was planning today will wait till next week.

So I checked what was on the phone.  Turned out there was a really cute photo of my littlest, and this photo of a cookbook cover I took a month or two ago at the nice bookstore in town.  Don't think you'd see a cover like this in the US.

It's not unusual to see sheep getting butchered like this; our neighbors have done it in the courtyard.  But they didn't dance with it like this guy seems to be. 

Actually, I bet this is an interesting cookbook, even if I wouldn't butcher my own sheep.  The author is Turkic, based on his name, and it's called Kazan, Sheep, and Dastarkhan.  A qazan is a heavy pot typical of Central Asia.  They can be family-sized or monstrously huge and they make great plov, or you can boil a sheep in them over a fire.  The dastarkhan is the table setting, usually a tablecloth on the floor or a low table, although it's also much more than that.

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  1. Just sent you an email and then checked out your blog, should have done it in reverse order. How neat that you're in Bishkek again. It sounds like you're loving it! Is your hubby working on his phd? I would love to see a photo of you and the kids!