06 March 2012

Photo a Day, March 6

I forgot the camera this afternoon, but it's not like the outside photos have been very exciting, have they?  No.  So here's a not-very-exciting inside photo of the paneer-pressing pile with a plate, the paneer, a cutting board, one of the Uzbek dishes you saw a few days ago, and most of the fruit in the house.  And the plug for the fan over the stove.  There isn't actually an outlet for it, so we have to use an extension cord if we need to turn the fan on.  Maybe one day I'll do photos of the electric system in the apartment.

Also, there are many bananas in this pile, and they are almost ready to be made into banana bread.  This is the first time since I've been in Kyrgyzstan this time around that I've had enough ripe bananas around to make bread.  I bought walnuts for it too.


  1. Enjoy the banana bread!
    Can I use lebna (drained yogurt) for paneer? I decided yes when you first wrote about it. Obviously with the stuff you are using to squish your paneer the lebna would not be the same consistency. But would it be close enough?

  2. Labna and paneer are totally different things. Even channa, the unpressed cheese, is a lot different from labna. Enjoy them in different ways. :)