29 March 2012

Photo a Day, March 29: Beshbarmak

We went to an event recently where they'd made several different types of beshbarmak.  It's a very Central Asian dish, specifically Turkic, in my mind.   Beshbarmak means "five fingers" and it's eaten with your hand. Personally, it's not my favorite; usually it's boiled meat, noodles, and onions with a little salt. I believe Tatars often use flat noodles as in the last photo, but I usually see long noodles.  There are a lot of variations and here are a few.

 Some of these photos are a little wonky, but you expect that here.

Naryn region.  That's in northern Kyrgyzstan south of Issyk-Kul.  It's one of the coldest regions of the country and is usually considered to be the most authentically Kyrgyz.

From Talas.  It's in the northwest part of the country and a bit isolated by the mountains from the rest of the country.  I haven't been there since the main road there goes through Kazakhstan.

From Chuy region.  Bishkek and Tokmok are in Chuy.

This is gulchotai.  Unfortunately I don't know anything more about this dish, even after searching in Kyrgyz.

Ozgocho beshbarmak.  Let me know if you know what that means, because I don't, unless it's from Uzgen.

Atyrau style.  Atyrau is in Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea, so it's popular to use sturgeon there.

Kazak beshbarmak

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