19 March 2012

Photo a Day, March 19

I love it when it snows in March  Actually, I nearly always love snow, but I love it least in February, so maybe that makes snow in March seem even better.  I'm pretty much ready for winter to be over in February, but it just has to loosen its grip a little to make me happy.  March still has snowy days and never too-hot days (except at my sister's house in Wisconsin!), but it usually not freezing cold, at least in the places I've lived, and it's not icy.  But I can still pretend that summer might not be coming.

We've also had some wind the last few days.  That doesn't happen all the time in Bishkek.  A good storm blew in yesterday that was lots of fun to watch.

(There is one redeeming quality to summer.  The vegetables are SO MUCH BETTER.  I'm at least very much looking forward to that.)

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