18 March 2012

Photo a Day, March 18, Except There Isn't One

I took the photo I wanted to post today, but it's still on my husband's phone and since we don't have any way to get it off (there's some mysterious cord we never seem to have gotten), there's nothing to post here. But since it was just two bags of potato chips with Russian on them, the photos wouldn't have been too exciting anyway.  So just imagine two bags of chips with Cyrillic on them.

Anyway.  I don't recall there being many Lay's potato chips around when we moved back to Bishkek (not that I pay much attention to potato chips, especially if there are no tortilla chips in the area to attract my interest).  But now we're seeing them a lot more often, and they're Russian flavors.  My two favorites are shashlyk and red caviar.  I've read there's also pickled cucumber, but I don't think I've seen those here.  If I liked potato chips more, I'd probably try them just because they sound interesting.


  1. They have branched out from the varieties we saw in St. Petersburg. Mushroom potato chips were the most Russian ones we saw. Not saying that you would see Russian chips in Kyrgyzstan, of course.

  2. I'm pretty sure we do get the Russia version here. I'm curious what they'd do for speficially Central Asian potato chips.