31 March 2012

Milk Milk Milk

Some days it feels like I deal with milk a lot.  Like today.  First I bought three liters of milk for yogurt and three for paneer and heated both.  I made paneer with the milk that was ready first, then waited for the other milk to finish heating.  It had a slightly funny smell that I assumed came from the used plastic bottle it had been in.  That doesn't happen often, but sometimes you can tell that the milk had been in a Fanta bottle or something like that. 

Anyway, the yogurt milk started to separate into curds and whey while it was heating, so the funny smell was clearly something acidic.  If I'd known, I'd have used the other milk for yogurt, but I ended up adding a little more vinegar to the funny milk and now we have two blocks of paneer which is never a bad thing.  And I tried the funny one and since it tasted fine and didn't kill me, it's all good.

So I went back out to find someone who was still selling milk so I could make yogurt.  Milk seems to be most popular on Saturday mornings, and there weren't quite as many people out selling it today, so I had to search a bit, but I found three more liters.  And I got another four liters of bagged milk since we drink two liters a day which is a lot in most parts of the world, but not so much for an American family of 5.  Then I made dulce de leche with a can of sweetened condensed milk. 

That was 13 liters of milk in one day, mostly fresh and off the street, but since half of it became paneer, it doesn't take up much space and there's always room for yogurt in my fridge.  Sometimes I remember buying 4 gallons of milk at a time for the entire week and using a rolling thing to carry them home.  That sounds nice. 

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