04 March 2012

Bishkek or the US?

There's a really big part of me that wants to stay in Bishkek for another year even though there are some good reasons to go back to the US in the summer. 

Things that would be better in Bishkek

  • More money
  • More free time, both because of the work schedule and homechurching (being a Mormon usually takes up a lot of time)
  • Probably (finally) have time to get Russian really under control, instead of having it control me
  • Homeschooling allowance (!)
  • I'd love to live in Bishkek for a year with a car (well, it's more like I'd love to be able to get out of Bishkek more often with a car)
  • Inexpensive activities for the boys
  • Inexpensive Russian preschool for the little one
  • Good friends
  • We're familiar with and comfortable in Bishkek

Things that would be better in the US, and they're all really big ones
  • Church for the boys
  • More interesting location overall (in comparison to Bishkek)
  • It's always easier to live in the US 
Some things are hard to say one way or the other.  There's sharp cheddar in the US, but there's laghman here.  There's Neflix in the US, but none of our DVDs would play on a DVD player in the US.  There are libraries in the US, but ebooks have come a long way since we left the US. There are CSAs in the US, but the produce here for half the year is way cheaper and even better than anything I can get in the US.

Of course, there are things available in the US that I don't even know I'm missing.  And I've still never seen a single episode of Downton Abbey.


  1. And I was just envying you for your amazing experiences! Of course, I can see how life in Bishkek can *also* be difficult and not always exciting.

  2. Tough choice... I totally understand.

    I miss being overseas, a lot... but my kids don't at all.

    p.s. I know this isn't important, but if you move back to the US see if you can get a dual-voltage region-free DVD player there to take with you. They were available where we lived, but I don't know how common that is.

  3. Bishkek wouldn't rank very high on most people's exciting lists. I think you have to have more reasons to like it here than just wanting to live overseas.

    At least I know that if we take the US job, neither my husband or I see it as the end of the road, even though it could be. It would move us on to something else. Of course, my parents wonder if we'll ever find a something else that we'd stick with.

  4. I think I'd stay. The US is overrated. ;)

  5. Downton Abbey is the clincher for me. I'm so sad for you!

    All kidding aside (and I was sort of kidding), sounds like you've got a big decision to make. I'm terrible at these kinds of decisions. I've loved reading about your experiences there and you've opened my eyes to a slice of another world.