03 February 2012

Sometimes I Miss Living in Tokmok

I liked being outside so much there in our own private space.  And I had to be outside a lot, to get water, or to go to the kitchen.  Yesterday I had a lot of windows open (there's usually 2 open, but yesterday I needed 4) and it smelled like Tokmok.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing that coal smoke makes me nostalgic, but that's okay.

I also liked being able to walk in the road instead of on the sidewalks.  Since yesterday was a 4-window day, the sidewalks melted a little.  Today is not a four-window day and now the sidewalks are sheets of ice in many places instead of packed snow.  Packed snow is much easier to walk on.  I haven't fallen yet today, but I don't expect I can make it through the entire day without a fall. 

Also, it was always easy to find jusay in the bazaar.  Couldn't find any today in Bishkek.

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