07 February 2012

Reasons to Like Winter

Or, possibly, keeping a stiff upper lip.  But it's nowhere near as stiff as I have to keep it in the summer.

1. No flies

2. No mosquitoes

3. If it's too hot in the apartment, I can fix it by opening a window

4. No smells.  Bishkek really doesn't smell bad, especially in comparison to Middle Eastern cities I've been in, but there are a few places where you don't mind not being able to smell anything.

5. Soup and other hot foods.  It's so nice to enjoy them.

6. No dust

7. I don't have to drive in the snow

Honestly, the first three make up for everything that's not so nice about winter.


  1. Yes! I agree. Point #4 is not much of an issue here. #7 has happened this winter. And your final summary is exactly right.

  2. I remembered another one- it's a lot easier to buy milk here in the winter. Lots of things are fresher in the winter (if they're available).

  3. I'm glad you are not suffering mosquitos. We get monster ones every February, but this year they're pretty early. :( Otherwise, I like winter too. :)