27 February 2012

Heavy Food

We took a Kyrgyz couple out to dinner last week to the Mexican restaurant in town.  They've never had Mexican food and shared a burrito and an enchilada, both of which they thought were good but that the beans were too heavy. 

We traveled a bit with the husband when we were here before and I'll never forget sitting on top of Tash Rabat, eating lunch.  He had slabs of plain, boiled sheep's fat that he offered to share with us, but we declined.  I suppose I'd have called that heavy too.

So we'll eat our beans and he can eat his fat and we'll all be happy. I do hear Americans describe the food here as being heavy or cholesterol- or carb-laden.  Some of it is (like a lot of American food I could list), but there is so much here that is light, fresh, healthy, and delicious.  Our Kyrgyz friend's mother made me the first Rainbow Salad I've ever had.

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