15 February 2012

The Book of Mormon Girl

I really enjoyed this and wish I had someone in real life to talk about it with.

While I don't agree with some other reviews I've seen that wished for more about Brooks' being-away part, I did think it wasn't really balanced since the majority was spent on her childhood.  I felt, in some ways, as if she were trying to explain why she's here, but I wasn't entirely convinced by her reasons.

Anyway, great book.  And such a good title.


  1. Hi, I followed yiu from both the WTM boards and Segullah. I really loved this book too and was able to see her speak tonight. Interestingly someone asked her about her away period and she didn't go into much more detail than is in the book. I think for her, right now, it just isn't the important part of the story. And I get the feeling she's trying to convince herself too.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Felicity. I was able to get on your blog a bit yesterday and enjoyed reading it. Usually I find homeschooling blogs a little boring, but yours wasn't at all. Unfortunately, I can't get back on again today to say this there, so I hope you see it here.

    Anyway, I'm jealous that you were able to see and hear Joanna. That would have been interesting. Thanks again for stopping by.