11 January 2012


Seems like every time daylight savings time ends in the fall, there are people who wish it would last all year.

You can try that option out in Kyrgyzstan if you'd like. We sprang forward in spring of 2005, but never fell back (I remember well trying to figure out what was going on that fall).  I like daylight savings time in general, but I really don't like it in the winter.

It's just starting to get light here at 7:30 AM.  As in, you'd still call it dark outside.  Sunrise isn't till 8:30.  It gets old to get up in the dark and know it won't get light for a long time.  I'd much rather have that hour of light from 7:30-8:30 AM than from 5-6 PM.

Or you could go to Kashgar where they're another two hours ahead of us on Beijing time and it would feel like it would never get light.  But they're smart and operate unofficially on Xinjiang time which is the same as Kyrgyzstan time.  So they're still on what would be daylight savings time, but it's not as bad as Beijing time. 

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