31 January 2012


It's always funny and interesting to hear what little children say when they're imagining things, especially when they're pretending about real life.  The four-year-old today was saying he was going to the store to buy milk, which in my brain meant going to QFC or something like that and getting a few gallons of milk, because that's how I'm used to buying milk.

But, of course, he was thinking of going to Narodniy and buying a few bags of milk, and he was concerned because one of the bags was leaking when he got home.  Normal (but at least it doesn't happen every time).

My older two boys who would generally rather be in the US, although they like our specific situation in Bishkek, have noticed the difference too.  It's amazing to them that their little brother doesn't remember the US and thinks Tokmok and Bishkek are the normal place to live.  They don't remember that they were the same way nearly seven years ago after living in Bishkek for a year, and they don't see the ways living overseas has changed them.  But at least they can see a little of it in their brother.

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