27 January 2012

Snowy Sidewalks

The sidewalks are covered with snow and ice right now, like usual for this time of the year.  They got pretty slushy, which is worse than ice-covered in my opinion, the last day or two, but it's colder and snowier today.

Last winter seemed pretty slushy, and the other winter I've lived here was the normal cold winter when everything was covered by December, and didn't get slushy till spring.  I like to see people pulling their sleds on the sidewalks when it's cold; what you don't want is slush and muck.

But there's something new this winter we didn't notice 6 years ago.  Most everywhere I've walked there's been a little path on on side of the sidewalk that's nearly cleared of snow and ice.  It's not wide enough for two people, so you can't always stay on it, but it makes it so much easier to walk.  I don't know if it's a city thing, but it seems to be because it's not in just one part of town.

I saw someone working on it once.  The had a tool that broke up the ice, then the chunks can be shoveled or swept into the gutter.  I am so glad they're doing it since I'm out walking for at least an hour and a half 5 days a week.

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  1. Good story, I have never seen snow, because I live in Indonesia (a tropical country) I really want to experience winter although I am not sure that I will like the weather.