22 January 2012

Republicans and Democrats, or What Became Glaringly Clear (Again) in South Carolina

Huge generalization here, but this is one major reason why I'm not a Republican and haven't been for nearly 10 years.  I'm not a Democrat either, but if I had to pick one party, I'd be a Democrat.

Too many Republicans make it a virtue to vote for someone like them.  That's one reason why Sarah Palin was popular at first- lots of women liked her because she was a mom like them even though she would have been totally incompetent at running a country, and why Mitt Romney had a rough time in North Carolina yesterday.  Conservative Christians who make up a significant part of the Republican party base won't touch Romney.

Democrats make it a virtue to vote for someone not like them.  There is no way there could be a Republican candidate like Obama, not with his supposed ties to Islam and his ethnic background.  But since he's a Democrat, it's not a problem, or maybe even an advantage. Have you ever heard anyone care at all that Harry Reid is a Mormon?

In both cases, a candidate's religious, cultural, and ethnic background matter.  Those aren't necessarily good things to base a vote on.  But since that is something lots of people base their votes on, I'd rather go with the party who votes for diversity instead of someone just like me.


  1. You make a nice point about certain sections of the Republican Party. But--and I'm a registered Democrat, though a disaffected one who should really change to independent--I don't think Dems would vote a Mormon in for president either, though for different reasons.

  2. Then I'll take the party who's willing to vote for someone with Muslim ties. :)

    It'd be interesting to see what Democrats would do with a Mormon candidate. Not likely to happen though, is it?

    Hey, I can comment on my own blog!

  3. Congratulations! (on the commenting thing) Yeah...you're going to have to wait a looong time for that party. The closest I know of is the Republican recent governor of SC, who is Sikh. Since lots of people confuse Sikhs with Muslims (I know, but they do), she came under some fire IIRC.

    Around 2002 a lady commented to me that she was surprised to see men in turbans on a plane--she thought it was sort of brazen(?). I had to explain Sikhism--and she'd been living up the road from the oldest Sikh community in California for probably 30 years. Sigh.

  4. The turban thing always makes me laugh. I've lived in Muslim countries for several years and hardly ever seen a turban. I've probably seen more in the US.