14 January 2012

More Censorship

I know this is becoming a perpetual theme here, but I really wish I could access the websites I want to when I want to.  There is no good reason to block every.single blogspot blog out there.  There are always ways to get around blocked sites (and I use them when I need to) anyway.  And what's up with being able to post of a blog, but not access it?  I guess it's less worrisome to spread discontent than to read it.

However, one of the ways I get around that is using Google Reader.  But it doesn't work when people don't have their full post there.  I know you like to have people click through to your site, but since I can't do that, I'd really like to be able to read what you wrote at all.

I also think it's funny that the spell check think blogspot is spelled wrong.

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