25 January 2012

The King's Speech

Yes, I wrote about this not too long ago, but that was the book.  We stumbled on the DVD in English at the pirated video place (actually, there is only one place we've found where the DVDS aren't pirated, and even some of what we've bought there seems a little dicey- so pirated it is, a lot of the time) and watched it.  We both loved it.  Or I loved it, and my husband enjoyed it.  I'm not sure he ever really loves a movie.  Anyway.

When it came out a year ago a lot of people talked its R rating in the US.  It wasn't rated the equivalent in the UK or Canada. Personally, I don't see all that many movies, and don't see R-rated movies because there's always something else with a lower rating we haven't seen yet.  But this wasn't an R-rated movie in my opinion, at least not in spirit.

Any expletive in English is likely to be a completely innocuous word in another language.  There are also plenty of English words that make you sound like you're swearing in another language.  But obviously, you're not in either situation.  The intent and context matters at least as much as the sounds coming out of your mouth and that's what should determine whether a movie is rated R or not. 

Yes, this film has the required number of expletives that technically require an R rating.  But if context and intent matter in speech, then those words weren't expletives when they were said. 

Also, it's easy to skip the technically R-rated parts if you're worried about it.  It's an uplifting and interesting movie that's well worth watching.

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