18 January 2012

The Day that Never Was

A year ago January 18th pretty much disappeared on the airplane.  We left Seattle on the 17th and arrived in Tokmok on the 19th.  I always think it's weird to have a day disappear like that (an entire day!).  But then you get it back sometime when you fly west because you can leave early in the morning and get back to the western US late that evening.  Longest day ever.

Anyway.  We spent most of that shortened day in the air between Los Angeles and Moscow, and in the Moscow airport.  Not my favorite airport, but Aeroflot did impress, although that was helped by our low expectations. 

The hardest part about flying here is getting as far as Moscow, which is at least as far or farther than your overseas friends in Europe and the Middle East and then have to wait for 5 hours for another flight that takes 4-5 hours.  And that flight *always* gets into Bishkek in the small hours of the morning.  Last year we tacked on a 90-minute drive to Tokmok at the end of the too.

So glad I am not on an airplane today.

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