11 December 2011

The Obligatory Christmas Tree Post

Pamir Ram (Marco Polo Sheep)
So we made a good effort this year with our tree, although you wouldn't know it from these photos.  It has lovely, glitter-tipped branches which make the whole house sparkly, and the lights are all green with a lovely clear plastic cord that can't be hidden.  And the whole thing leans.  But there are some Lego and origami ornaments.  And there are a few Central Asian ornaments I picked up here.  There's also a chuko bone, but I couldn't get something even close to a decent shot of it (not that these photos are great).   But I'm still happy to have a tree.  It's also nice to get it up this early; last time we couldn't find trees this early in December.  Next up:  a balbal nativity.

Kalpak (Kyrgyz hat)

Tyubiteka (Uzbek hat)
The whole thing

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  1. aww, cute. I think the "lean" is very artistic.