17 December 2011

A New Kyrgyz Nativity

I like to get new, interesting nativities when we can, but we already had the style of nativities you can generally buy in Bishkek.  A friend of ours gave us this felt one in 2005. Most of the nativities for sale here are yurts like this one, although the ones I've seen this year are much more colorful and have lots more figures.

We also put together this wooden nativity last time (you'll have to excuse the blue cloth; I didn't have lots of options when I took the photo- and don't forget to notice the wise woman), and this year I thought I'd try making a similar one out of balbals.  So we went to Tsum today, looking for likely balbals, but then stumbled on this different felt nativity.  I love this one, although it's hard to get a good shot of it, and you can't see that it's hanging from a tunduk (the design from the top of a yurt that's also the center of the Kyrgyzstan flag).  The owner of the store told us the maker was trying a new design to see if it would sell well.  So maybe we have a one-of-a-kind nativity, but I still like it if it's not.  And if it is, I hope the designer is encouraged to make more because I really like it.

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