21 December 2011

It's Cold Outside

The weather forecast and the actual temperature are again having serious conflicts here.  It was supposed to be 15 degrees last night but I'm fairly sure at was, at best, -10.  The low tonight is supposed to be 9, but we've only just made it to 3 degrees (this is all Fahrenheit) and it's sunny outside. 

The best is when I look at an hourly forecast that has nothing to do with reality.  Like I said, it's 3 degrees outside right now, but it's supposed to be 13 degrees in the next hour.  If you're 10 degrees off, it may not be worth having an hourly forecast if you don't bother checking your hourly forecast very often.

I like the way the snow squeaks when it's cold.  And I like that I am finally not hot in my apartment, although most of us are still wearing summer clothes.

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