02 December 2011

Goodbye, Otunbaeva

Really liked this article about Roza Otunbaeva

While some will always see her as the president of Kyrgyzstan in June of 2010, I don't think it's reasonable to blame her for what happened (and what didn't happen).  Osh was and is a lot more complicated than anything Bishkek is capable of handling, or capable of wanting to handle, and I don't know that any president from the north would have been able to do more.  That unfortunately results in Uzbeks in the south having absolutely no support from anyone because it seems everyone has abandoned them except the international community which really can do very little right now.

Anyway.  This was supposed to be about Otunbaeva.  I think she has good reason to be satisfied with her tenure despite some serious missteps and I look forward to seeing what's next for her and Kyrgyzstan.

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