23 December 2011

Christmas in Bishkek

It's starting to feel Christmasy around Bishkek, or at least like New Years, with all the trees and decorations in the stores downtown, and even at our little bazaar next door.  It was a little jarring to hear "O Holy Night" being sung as we walked into Children's World today.  The stores were a little busier, it seemed, and despite the cold (I think we might have gotten to 8 degrees today- the forecasts still don't seem to have noticed), there were people dancing on Ala Too Square.

We're trying something new at our house for Christmas, something that I've always wanted to try but never has worked out well.  We'll be doing the real 12 Days of Christmas starting on Christmas Day.  In the US there's usually a bit of Christmas fatigue by the time December 26th rolls around, but none of us are even close to being tired of the season this year.

So we're taking off the entire two weeks, getting ready for New Years, Epiphany, Eastern Christmas, and anything else we think up between Christmas and January 7th.  I hope we all love it.


  1. Oh fun--I've always kind of wanted to do that but IRL by Dec. 28th I want to throw everything Christmasy out the door because it's already been 3 weeks. So I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  2. Yes, it's perfect this year because we haven't had the parties and the gifts and the shopping and the everything else.

  3. How fun! I had Catholic friends growing up, and we would go to their house between Christmas and New Year's and see their presents still under the tree.

    What will you be doing to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas?

  4. Well, mostly we just have good food and lots of relaxing planned, and we'll do something for Christmas each day. I've been trying to convince people we ought to do some sort of gift giving on Epiphany, but the older boys aren't really into that. I'm also planning to read about Jesus' life each day, in a quick 12-day version after doing Advent this December. But we'll see what happens.