01 November 2011

American Kids, Kyrgyz Kids

We went out for pizza with some local friends this evening who have two children around the age of my little one.  They were being normal little kids and doing normal kid things which was fine with the patrons at the restaurant sitting around us.  In fact, one of the children from another table joined our group while they were drawing pictures for a couple at another table.

My American self was cringing the entire time because you.don't.do.that in the US.  But I was the only tense person; people don't mind kids here.  I went with the idea that as long as my kid wasn't the loudest and the family I was with wasn't trying to corral their kids, then everything was okay.

(Don't think they were running wild or anything like that.  They just weren't sitting quietly at the table like American kids are expected to if you take them out in public.)

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