15 October 2011

This Is Why I Like Living Here

Sometimes I wonder why I like living overseas, especially in a place like Kyrgyzstan.  Yesterday on a message board I frequent I got into a conversation about why someone might want to move here.  The other person lives in Eastern Europe and is looking for another country to live in.  I didn't suggest Kyrgyzstan as an option (Indonesia, Czech Republic, and Uruguay were my ideas- she needs a place that isn't very expensive), but she was asking about Bishkek anyway and it felt so weird because no one ever asks about living here as a real option.  Later someone came on saying Kyrgyzstan is a horrible place to live and the conversation ended.

Anyway.  It made me think about why I like it here or in the Middle East or wherever else expats usually get paid extra just to live there.  I just like to observe everyday life and the less familiar the place I'm living, the more interesting everyday life is.  I don't need people to talk to me, I don't need social interaction, I don't need to see all the sights (although it's nice when there are some).  I just like to get out and see how people do things and I get lots of that in Bishkek.  There's something interesting every day.

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