03 October 2011

Recycled Candidates

I was working through the list of candidates to post bios of them, but not surprisingly, there's not a lot of variety among them.  Many are currently in Parliament and have been part of the elite running Kyrgyzstan for its entire history, despite a few revolutions.  There are a few businessmen and some others who hold some government positions.  Noah Tucker at Registan writes more about this and explains exactly why I got tired of the project (the entire post is worth reading, especially about minorties):

[M]usical chairs is not a revolutionary game...as much as each new regime vilifies the representatives of the previous one, the "talent pool" from which each government draws is incredibly shallow, and similarly voters are perpetually asked to choose between the same few candidates for elected positions. This reality is not lost on most Kyrgyzstanis, who are deeply frustrated with their government, tired of being asked to "choose" only between the same perpetual candidates, or cut out of the system entirely when their local patron is pushed out of power, motivating them primarily to do whatever they can to get him back in.

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