06 October 2011

The Potato Truck

My current source of photo subjects seems to be things I can see out my front window.  That doesn't mean that I don't get out, but that there are interesting things going on outside our building.  We live on a busy street on the edge of the center of town, and there's a bit of a parking area in front of our building which isn't always typical everywhere in Bishkek.  There's often something going on there.

This is a truck filled with potatoes that show up yesterday.  Since then there's been a constant line of people buying 50-kilo bags of potatoes for the winter. 

For a lot of the year there are a lot of trucks like this sitting outside the Tokmok Bazaar.  I'd wondered how people stocked up on potatoes and onions for the winter and now I know one way they can.  If I had any clue about how settled we're going to be this winter, I'd get some myself.  I also notice things like this more often this time around because I've lived in Tokmok.

One more thing- you often hear that people in large cities in the US don't have access to produce or decent grocery stores.  While there is plenty of good produce available in Bishkek in the summer and fall, it's horribly expensive in the winter.  Stocking up on potatoes and onions and carrots in the late fall is a good way to avoid the problem.  It seems the same thing could be done in the US.  And please don't tell me about lack of storage space or hauling stuff up stairs.  It's at least as bad for your typical family in Bishkek.  People around the world come up with creative ideas to solve problems like this and I wish those ideas were more widely shared.

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