13 September 2011

Street Food

I was a little surprised when we got to Tokmok at how little street food there was.  I shouldn't have been, since street food is more a city thing, but at first it seemed like there should be more.  But we got used to there being plenty of restaurants and almost no street food.  There are a few places near the bazaar, but not much.  We were also disappointed that we couldn't find our boys' favorite-in-the-world cheese samsas in Tokmok or even on our few quick trips to Bishkek.

We're back in street food heaven now.  Bishkek is so convenient.  There's a samsa place next to our building that has chicken, meat, potato, and cabbage, and we finally found cheese samsas again less than two blocks away.  There are all sorts of fried breads stuffed with all sorts of things, and even a donut place just like the one at Pike Place Market in Seattle.  There were even flyers in our building for pizza delivery. 

Beyond street food, there's plenty available right outside the door.  I can buy fresh milk on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, there's a produce place, and a man was selling pears out of his truck all day long.  I know it'll all slow down when it gets cold, but it's fun now.

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  1. Street food! Samsas! and stuff fried breads! I am so jealous!
    I have been in North America for too long!