23 September 2011

Dear Kazakhstan: I'd Like to Blog

I don’t know if it’s just the new server we have now that we’re in Bishkek or if I’d be having trouble accessing Blogger again anyway, but I’ll blame Kazakhstan either way.  Be brave Kazakhstan.  Blogs won’t destroy you.  

I was going to use Beeline which is one of the few providers in KG that doesn’t work through KazkahTelecom, but I couldn’t get the connection to work.  So I dragged out the radio phone for the old Tokmok connection through KyrgyzTelecom (they must be braver than Megaline) and all is well again, except that I’ll probably do multiple posts at a time till Blogger is back to normal.

But everything else is wonderful with the internet.  It’s like having a new iPad now that it can use the internet on it again.  Even without the internet it’s been worth it because we knew when we bought it that we wouldn’t always have an internet connection for it, but iPads really are designed with the internet in mind.

Just having a faster connection is wonderful.  Like I’ve said, it’s slow for the US, but it’s blazing fast after Tokmok.  Lots of things seem blazing fast after Tokmok though.  Except for posting on Blogger.

(It is unfortunate that I have to post without pictures right now since I finally have some to post.  I’ll hope Kazakhstan relaxes soon.)

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