25 September 2011


It's nearly impossible to live in the center of Bishkek and still be within walking distance of a good bazaar, and we didn't manage that.  We do live near Ak Emir Bazaar, and I like it, but it's so very civilized.  It's also more expensive than the other bazaars and it's more likely the prices will double when a foreigner comes by.  

So I went to Osh Bazaar yesterday to do some shopping and it was so nice to be in a real bazaar again.   When we lived in Bishkek before, Osh Bazaar always seemed huge and confusing and overwhelming and I didn't do much shopping there.  But after Tokmok, Osh Bazaar is still huge and I don't know my way around, but that's not a problem. 

It was fun to stumble on places we went last time.  Later I'll try to post some then and now photos, if Blogger cooperates.