07 September 2011

Back to Bishkek

No photos yet because they’d take too long to upload, but we survived the move and getting the stuff up three flights of stairs. 10 50-pound suitcases might not be a lot of stuff from an American perspective (although it is from a Central Asian one), but it’s still not much fun to haul it around. We moved in and got the owners to move all their stuff out (that took most of the rest of the day) and now we’re mostly settled in.

I miss Tokmok. I think Bishkek will be better for us, but I loved being able to go outside and still be in our own space. And the air is cleaner there and it’s so much quieter. We’re on a big street right now and the exhaust is too noticeable on one side of the apartment. And I miss the bazaar. Yesterday I went to a little bazaar here where I don’t know anyone and was a few som short for a jar of raspberries. In Tokmok, we’d have figured something out, but here I was out of luck. And the tushuks! I slept in a real bed for the first time in 8 months and wished I was back on the tushuks on the floor.

But washing the dishes is so much easier. Water comes out of the faucet and goes away down the drain. There’s a bathtub where the water drains away again. So many drains. And the oven heats itself when I turn it on and keeps itself at the temperature it’s supposed to.

The apartment is done in very warm colors- yellows, brown, pinks, oranges. The house in Tokmok was a lot brighter with nice big windows. I’m planning to get a few tushuks to add some different colors. Usually I’m not too worked up about the color scheme anywhere we live, but we need a little help here.

I wrote all that yesterday. I was missing Tokmok a lot by the end of the day. But this morning the littlest one woke up at 5 AM and I could hear the call to prayer and the sky was dark enough that I could see Orion in the east and the Seven Sisters overhead. On the bright side of the flat I can only see the Big Dipper and Arcturus in the evening, but it was lovely to see more in the early morning on the dark side.

And when I went out in search of vegetables this morning, I found someone selling garlic from her own garden, funchooza, and jusay. We chatted a bit and it was a little like Tokmok. She told me that she’ll sell laghman in the winter when it’s colder. And it’s always a bonus to not have to search for milk.

Although I still am searching for fresh milk for yogurt.

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