24 August 2011

The Weather Mystery

In the US I'm used to weather forecasts that are quite precise. I could check the hourly forecast in Seattle to make sure it wasn't going to rain on us during our walk.  The high temperature is nearly always within a few degrees of the forecast and generally you can rely on the forecasts.  Sure, there are exceptions, like when that promised snowstorm doesn't show up (and they usually seem to mess up the big events more than the every day) but the vast majority of the time we know what the weather will bring.

It's a little more exciting here.  I check two weather websites and they'll often have radically different forecasts.  They also aren't updated very often and the temperature will often max out at least 10 degrees less than they were forecasting.  There have been several times this month that that's happened.  I remember checking the forecasts in early April and there was a 40 degree difference in the forecast between the two sites. 

The best is when the temperature is a lot lower than they were forecasting.  Today I was gearing up for a hot day over 95 degrees and it didn't even make it to 90.  And both sites agree that it'll cool off to the 70s in just a few days.  Maybe I will have the energy to clean the house before we move.

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