14 August 2011

Pros and Cons

While there are two very good reasons for us to move to Bishkek now, and those are the two reasons we're going, there's a lot of things I'd miss about Tokmok if we move soon.

  • It would be easy to find the bagged milk the family likes, but I'd miss buying fresh milk from our neighbors.
  • We're looking to live near one of the bazaars in Bishkek, but it's a lot more civilized than my bazaar here. And a lot smaller.
  • We'd be trading our house with a yard for a small apartment and lots of stair climbing
  • The kitchen would have running water and a decent stove and cupboards (I can't decide which would be the most exciting), but it would be much smaller than our current kitchen
  • I can get a much, much wider variety of food in Bishkek, but I'm not sure how easy it'd be to find some of my favorite Dungan and Uyghur ingredients.  And the produce is more expensive there.
  • There are lots more Russian teachers available in Bishkek, but I'd miss my tutor here
  • Houses are just more pleasant than apartments.  Especially if your downstairs neighbors don't like children much
  • Mosques are few and far between in Bishkek (although we're aiming to live near the mosque*)
  • Bishkek is more diverse than Tokmok, but it's also a lot more European.  I like the diversity in Tokmok
  • Bishkek has so many more cars and it's so much busier
  • But I would spend much, much, much less time dealing with food in Bishkek.  Much.
  • And I think we've seen almost everything there is to see in Tokmok

*I did just have one happy thought, after hearing the muezzin at the nearest mosque calling the adhan- I can always hope that the muezzins at the Central Mosque in Bishkek are a bit more experienced.

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